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The AMEB is now delivering Rockschool exams and syllabuses in Australia.

Rockschool is a vibrant, contemporary music program of exams and globally recognised qualifications for electric guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele and bands. Rockschool specialises in music of the most popular genres in a range of rock, pop, metal and funk styles.

The program offers comprehensive syllabuses and a range of exam support materials including grade books, companion guides, technical handbooks and backing recordings. These are regularly updated by musicians across the academic, music industry and live performance sectors to ensure the music remains current and authentic.

Rockschool entries are managed through AMEB SCORE. Follow the link for information on how to enter.

Head to the Rockschool website to find out more.

Rockschool Venue Requirements

Please note the private venue requirements for Rockschool Exams:

All Exams
  • Examination room. This should be large enough to allow 3 metres between candidate and examiner
  • 1 large table and 1 chair for the examiner
  • 1 chair and 2 music stands for the candidate
  • Small PA system situated such that is can be operated by the examiner
  • Parents and teachers should not be able to look into the exam room (please cover windows if required)
  • A separate waiting room is required with seating for 10 people.
  • A Warm-up Room is required preferably with a music stand, chair, keyboard and spare amps if available.
Guitar Exams
  • 1 guitar amplifier with footswitch and jack-to-jack lead
Bass Exams
  • 1 bass amplifier and jack-to-jack lead
Drum Exams
  • 1 acoustic drum kit (kick & pedal, snare, 2 x raised toms, floor tom, hi-hat, 2 crash cymbals, ride cymbal, adjustable stool)
  • Optional - an electric drum kit as a second option
Keyboard Exams
  • Candidates are required to bring their own keyboards (and stand) to the exam
Piano Exams
  • 88-note keyboard with 'piano action', sustain pedal and internal speakers
  • An upright or grand piano. If provided it must be in tune at concert pitch (A440) prior to the exam session
Vocal Exams
  • 1 vocal PA, microphone, stand and lead
  • For Grade 6-8 exams, a keyboard will be required.

Office Hours: 
Mon, Wed & Fri: 9am - 5pm
Tues & Thurs: 9am - 1pm


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University of Adelaide SA 5005

T: +61 8 8313 8088


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