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COVID-19 and AMEB SA & NT Exams

UPDATE: 27 May 2020

As SA (NT also) has experienced such an unexpectedly good result in 'flattening the curve' of COVID-19 cases, we're heartened to hear about the State Government's roadmap for easing restrictions, and optimistic about resuming in-person exams before (the originally-anticipated) September.

Whilst continuing to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 situation, we plan to recommence in-person examining with a staged approach and in a considered and careful way, so that candidates (and their families), teachers, examiners and supervisors all feel reassured and safe. These plans have been outlined below and are subject to revision based on any COVID-19 developments and any subsequent restrictions or easing of restrictions.


Adelaide Metro Private Venue Sessions - exams available from 16 June

AMEB SA & NT will consider expressions of interest for 2hr - 3.5hr Adelaide Metro Private Venue sessions for June Session 2 (extended closing date: 1 June) and subsequent Private Venue sessions.* The closing date for July Sessions 1 and 2 (Private Venues) has been extended to June 7.

Private Venues include schools, studios and homes.

Rockschool July
Rockschool July is open for enrolment (excluding Band candidates) until 7 June 2020. Central Venue exams will take place in the Madley Basement. AMEB SA & NT will consider expressions of interest for 2hr-3.5hr private venue sessions.*

Diploma July
AMusA exams are open for enrolment until 7 June 2020. LMusA candidates will also be considered.

Regional SA Exams
As regional travel is permissible, the Regional SA session is now open for enrolments and will close 15 June 2020 (extended closing date). However, this session will be treated similarly to Private Venue sessions. AMEB SA & NT will consider expressions of interest for 2-3.5hr sessions (or split sessions) at private venues.*


Adelaide Central Venue exams - available from July Session 2/August (TBC 5 June 2020)
On or before 5 June 2020, we will announce whether we will be able to accept enrolments for Central Venue sessions for July Session 2/August. Please note the following regarding Central Venue exams at the University of Adelaide (for the remainder of 2020):
  • In scheduling all Central Venue exams, Level 2 candidates will be prioritised. Level 1 instrumental (non piano) candidates will be prioritised over Level 1 piano candidates. We encourage all Level 1 candidates to consider Online Exam alternatives, particularly those who do not require an accompanist, as there is no guarantee AMEB SA & NT can accommodate all candidates in the final months of the year.
  • Sessions will be modified to ensure spaces do not become over-crowded and proper hygiene and social distancing requirements can be maintained.
  • Exams will take place on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • If there is a COVID-19 case on-campus affecting the Hartley or Schulz buildings, these sessions may be rescheduled at very short notice.
Adelaide Metro Private Venue exams

Longer examining times (i.e. longer than 3.5hrs) may be considered from August 2020.


All sessions after August (Music and Speech & Drama)
At this stage, enrolments for these sessions will remain open and we will commence scheduling in August.
  • Darwin exams - Subject to any travel restrictions in place and examiner availability, we hope to offer a longer Darwin session (commencing earlier with private venues). More information will become available on or before 1 July 2020.

If a candidate has already transferred to a later session or the Online Exam Session and would like to transfer to an earlier in-person session, we will provide free transfers to the earlier session, provided it is open for enrolments at the time of the request (and if a Private Venue Session, provided the venue and session has been pre-approved). Transfer requests will only be accepted in writing via email to
If a candidate has transferred and upgraded their exam, then we can only transfer the upgraded exam to an earlier session.

Online Exam Session
The closing date for all enrolments and submissions for the Online Exam session is 30 September 2020. As there has been significant interest in this alternative format and we'd like to continue to provide options during this time, we will likely extend this session to 30 November 2020 for Recorded Repertoire, Recorded For Leisure Repertoire and Recorded CPM Repertoire exams.

Online Speech & Drama exams are available in the meantime, if there is 2hrs or more examining time.

Contacting AMEB SA & NT
The AMEB SA & NT office is still running remotely and contactable via email Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We are also receiving calls Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm. Over the coming weeks we may start to open the office premises by appointment with a view to resuming modified opening hours in July.

2 April 2020

We have a dedicated webpage explaining new exam formats we're offering as alternatives to in-person exams. Go to: Online Practical Exams

26 March 2020

Dear Teachers, Candidates and Parents,

I'm writing to advise that we have decided to halt AMEB in-person, practical exams for the next several months. The health and wellbeing of our staff and students are our priority, and we feel that holding practical exams at this time is not in the best interest of our SA and NT communities.

The University of Adelaide continues to monitor and remain responsive to the COVID-19 situation and AMEB SA & NT will continue to adapt to the changing landscape, but at this stage, we anticipate that these exams won’t be held in the same format until September or later. We have closed enrolments for May Session 2 and all sessions leading up to September.

Where possible, we will be moving our exams to an Online Exam Session! Unfortunately, given the speed at which the current situation has developed, we haven't yet been able to finalise all details, but we'll be posting these to our website and contacting you as soon as we have an update.

If you already have a candidate enrolled and would like to know what options are available, please refer to the below table. Online exam alternatives are explained in more detail below this table.

Scenario Options Action Required
For candidates already scheduled for an exam in March Session 1/April Session 1

1. Free transfer to our Online Exam session. There will be online exam formats available for Speech and Level 1 and 2 Music in April. We hope to be able to provide an online solution for Music Diploma exams, but cannot provide information on this at this stage.

2. Free exam change from Comprehensive to Repertoire (if applicable) and transfer to our Online Exam session:
Online exams for Repertoire are entirely pre-recorded and involve no live component. If a candidate wishes to change their Comprehensive Exam to Repertoire, this would be done free-of-charge. It is worth noting that Grades 5 to 8 Repertoire exams are also recognised by SACE and can be counted towards community learning at Stage 1 and/or Stage 2.

3. Free medical transfer to a later in-person session (as well as the option to upgrade the exam)

We will transfer your enrolment to the next suitable session (e.g. Rockschool July enrolments could be deferred to the Rockschool October/November session).

There will be an option to upgrade the exam, if the difference between exam fees is paid.

If you transfer to a later 2020 session and the COVID-19 situation is still unresolved, we will offer a free medical transfer to 2021.

Please notify the candidate of this change.

We will unschedule your enrolment and await an email from you outlining how (based on the options outlined) you would like to proceed with the enrolment.

For candidates enrolled in April Session 2, May Session 1, Darwin May, Alice Springs May and Diploma July.

Please notify the candidate of this change.

We will await an email from you outlining how you would like to proceed.

For candidates enrolled in May Session 2 or any other session that has not reached its closing date.

An email has been sent to you outlining options for your enrolment.

Please notify the candidate of this change.

Please find and read the email “Important: AMEB SA & NT practical exams are moving online – this affects your enrolment”, and action accordingly.

 AMEB SA & NT Team


(Currently all staff are working remotely)
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