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Getting Started - Entering for an AMEB Exam

Entries are now submitted online, via AMEB SCORE. For those that wish to submit their entries via hard copy entry form, entry forms can be requested from the office, and these will be posted out to you. Hard copy entry forms can be returned to the office in person or posted, as long as they are received by the office on or before the closing date. (Please note: On Application paper-based Theory of Music Grades 1 to 6 exams will still need to be entered via an entry form. Please enquire with the office).

If you are new to using AMEB SCORE:

  • Please use this guide and keep it open for step by step instructions in making enrolments
  • Please use this guide and keep it open if you wish to host exams at your own private venue. It will take you through the steps require to set up your venue (a once-off process).
  • If you wish to join a Private Venue session for practical exams (i.e. not your own), the Venue Owner will need to share with you their unique 'Venue Code' generated in the system, and you will need to copy this in to the 'Venue Code' field when entering students. If you need help finding a venue, we recommend our new Facebook Group "AMEB SA & NT Venue Connect".

You can use the link below to access the online system.

 ENTER Online
for AMEB practical exams

Old Term
New Term
Confirmation slip
Exam Notification Letter The page received by the Account Holder to notify each candidate of the date, time, and location of his or her exam. This must be presented on exam day.
Account holder
The person who enrols a candidate (this can be a teacher, parent, or candidate over 18). All exam information goes to the Account Holder
Candidate number
Exam Key

Old candidate numbers are no longer used with SCORE. Instead, each individual exam is assigned a unique exam key.

Note: A different code is generated each time a new exam enrolment is booked.

Entry Form
“Buy Exams and Courses”
Entries are now made online by Account Holders in SCORE, using the “Buy Exams and Courses” tab on the left. All candidate information is entered here and payment processed in a similar way to online shopping.
Unsuitable Dates
Scheduling Requests
This field has been re-named in SCORE but has the same function. Any needs relating to the date or time of an exam must be advised here before the closing date.
Special Needs
Special Assistance
This field has been re-named in SCORE but has the same function. Any needs relating to disabilities, impairments, or different instruments that the examiner or office needs to know should be put here.
Teacher ID
Not applicable

Teacher codes are no longer in use. Account holders are instead identified by email address.
Venue ID
Venue Code

The old 3 to 4-digit venue IDs are no longer in use. Instead, each venue is assigned a 5 to 7-digit alphanumerical code (e.g. A1B2C3D) which will be visible to the Venue Owner only. Venue Owners distribute this code to other Account Holders to allow them to enrol candidates into their venue.

Note: All venues must be set up in SCORE by Venue Owners, even if the venue has hosted exams prior to the change to SCORE.

  • Entry Forms
    The preferred enrolment method is via the enrolment system SCORE. However, entry forms are available for pick up from the office or can be posted on request.
  • Subject Codes

    Codes are listed in the current Manual of Syllabuses.

    Where there is a new and old syllabus running at the same time, indicate the year of the syllabus you are using and the subject code together with an indication of whether the examination new or old syllabus.

    The AMEB allows one year from the time of formal notification of withdrawal of a syllabus to complete preparation using an old syllabus.

  • Fees

    Fees can be viewed here, and remain unchanged from 2020 (with the exception of Rockschool). Fees are also viewable when purchasing exams on SCORE.

    Please pay using the online system. If using hard copy entry forms, payment will be accepted via credit card or by cash. Please note that the University is no longer accepts cheques.

    Payment in person to:
    The AMEB office, 1st Floor, Hartley Building, Kintore Avenue, The University of Adelaide.

    Payment by post (with entry form) to:
    AMEB C/- The University of Adelaide, SA 5005

    Please check school camp dates, accompanist availability and candidates' holidays and other commitments that will impact on the time candidates can be examined.

    Examination times, once set cannot be changed without incurring a transfer fee.

    All enquiries to the AMEB office (08) 8313 8088

    Teacher and Candidate ID numbers

    With the introduction of SCORE, previous IDs/codes are no longer used. SCORE generates an Exam Key for each exam undertaken and this is one of the main identifiers used. In future months, the system will be developed to incorporate a Unique ID for every individual in the system (teachers, candidates, examiners and account holders).

  • Examination Venues

    Please note - during COVID-19 there is an additional pre-approval process for Private Venues. Please read her for more information.

    Examination Venues are required to meet the standards published in the current Teachers' Handbook available from the AMEB office.

    If the nominated venue is other than the teacher's home or studio, teachers must make arrangements for its use, including the gaining of formal approval from the owner or administrator, before submitting an entry form. Teachers are required to contact the host teacher of their venue to ensure that dates and times nominated for exams are suitable and to offer support with supervision. The AMEB cannot contact venues regarding suitability of times.

    For an examiner to attend a venue a minimum examining time of 2 hours is required for all instruments, subjects and venues.

  • Theory Supervision

    A minimum number of three candidates is required for each morning or afternoon session in areas outside the Adelaide metropolitan area for a supervisor to be paid. Metropolitan candidates sit as directed by the AMEB unless prior arrangement for an alternative venue has been made.

  • Metropolitan Adelaide Sessions

    Private Sessions

    Metropolitan Adelaide sessions are deemed to be venues falling within the postcode range of 5000-5199. Examining venues with postcodes beyond that range are served with country or Northern Territory examining sessions.

    Public Sessions

    Please refer to the AMEB SA & NT Calendar for details on session dates and what subjects are available.

  • Candidate Details

    1. Please include ID Number if candidate has previously undertaken AMEB exams in South Australia or the Northern Territory.
      New candidates will have a number allocated after entry.
    2. Date of Birth is essential for the candidate entry process and MUST be supplied.
  • Complaints

    Complaints about any aspect of an AMEB examination, up to and including the level of AMusA, must be communicated to the State Manager in writing within two weeks of receipt of the examination report.

    Written examination papers will be re-marked on receipt of a written request, together with the appropriate re-marking fee as published in the current AMEB (SA & NT) Teachers' Handbook.

    Complaints relating to federal examinations must be made in writing to the Federal Office.

    Complaints relating to Online Theory exams must be made to the Federal Body through the State Office.

Office Hours: 
Mon, Wed & Fri: 9am - 5pm
Tues & Thurs: 9am - 1pm


Level 1 Hartley South, Kintore Avenue
University of Adelaide SA 5005

T: +61 8 8313 8088


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